Match The Perfect Jewelry With Your Biker Jackets

How To Match The Perfect Jewelry With Your Biker Jackets?

Riding a bike is an adventure for many individuals. According to Statista, Around 780,000 bikes were sold in 2020 in the US despite the pandemic. Bikers are known for their rebellious outfit, biker jackets and heavy bikes. However, you don’t have to maintain that style if you’re uncomfortable with it. Instead, you can go for more classy styles while still looking like a biker. It means wearing the right jewellery to stay with the latest fashion trends.

Some of us think there is no need to match the jewellery with motorcycles jackets, especially if we put on earrings and bracelets. It is a wrong way of thinking because we can always try to match what we wear with motorcycle jackets and not limit ourselves only to our standards and comfort zone. That’s why in this article, we will show you how to match the perfect jewelry with your biker jackets?

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How To Match The Perfect Jewelry With Your Biker Jackets?

Match your biker jacket with delicate accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings:

When it comes to light colours such as white or cream, it’s best to go for silver metal chains, pearls, or dark stones like black agate, which contrasts well with the soft colour of the biker jackets. Here are some more options you can add  to your bikers jacket;

  • Medallion necklace

This particular piece of jewellery is sure to give your outfit a touch of edginess without going over the top, which doesn’t fit in the picture anyway because its design makes it stand out at all times, ensuring sophistication stays at its peak level. Now the question remains of what you should wear with a medallion necklace. You can try it with a dress or, even better, a stylish top that enhances your look tenfold while still making you look like the classy woman you are.

  • Girlie rings

These cute looking rings come in so many colours and designs they fit in almost any biker outfit without ruining the overall look for sure. With these on your fingers, you’ll add some colour to your outfit, and when combined with edgy jewellery such as skull earrings, skull bracelets etc., they will form a perfect match for this type of style.

  • Chunky necklaces

It is another type of item that looks extremely classy no matter how it’s worn, and we’re not just talking about the classic leather biker jacket here. So, get your chunky necklace and wear it with a lacy dress or, even better, a blazer. Just make sure to keep the rest of your look simple because adding too many details can spoil the overall effect this shiny piece of jewellery will have on you and your style.

  • Bling rings

You heard right; we’re talking about those tiny sparkling pieces of metal that make your fingers sparkle like tiny little stars in the sky no matter what time it is and how bad the lighting conditions are. If you want to add some bling to your outfit without going overboard, which would ruin your elegant image, then match these special pieces of jewellery with just about anything you fancy, such as a classic dress or a pair of jeans.

  • Non-matching bracelets

The biker look is known for its low-key image, meaning that the accessories should be worn with utmost care because adding just one wrong detail can ruin everything instantly. On the other hand, this means you can try creating your style even when wearing edgy jackets and join forces with non-matching leather bracelets by combining different colours and patterns or even metals.

  • Skull rings

Although they work well when combined with any outfit because of their unique metal design, matching skull rings with biker jackets can be a real challenge. However, this is one of the pieces of jewellery that you should consider wearing when coming up with your unique style, so don’t hesitate to try it out. Just make sure to keep everything else simple, and you’ll get there sooner than later without much effort required for sure.

Matching your dark colours with silver metallic accessories

As for dark biker jackets, it’s best to use metal chains or bracelets in silver so that they will contrast well with the colour of your clothes. But if you really can’t find any, go for bold accessories like belt buckles and earrings with exciting designs so that they won’t be boring.

How about using bright enamel pins?

For those who are fond of adding enamel pins to their vests, this idea might help you out. Just make sure that the enamel pin is not too busy to avoid distraction, especially if you put something simple like a T-shirt underneath it. If you are unsure how to match enamel pins with your clothes, you can always check some fashion catalogues to find the perfect match.

How about matching it with T-shirts?

If you wear a plain t-shirt underneath your motorcycle jacket, go for simple accessories with no busy designs. You can either pick necklaces or earrings that highlight your shirt’s colour, which will give more contrast between the two colours. Men can try chain bracelets but avoid carrying bags because it’s too feminine on them.

Matching bracelets with biker jackets are an easy trick

As for matching delicate rings and bracelets, the most important thing is to keep everything in one colour. For example, when you wear a white biker jacket, go for simple leather bracelets with one main colour: green or red. The same thing goes with earrings; if you are not much into silver jewellery, go for studs that have the same colour as your motorcycle jacket’s collar.

Vintage-inspired bronze accessories are also an option

You can either use necklaces or bracelets in bronze colours for vintage-inspired fashion statements to match your motorcycle jackets in brown and black colours. Just make sure that the design is simple but elegant. Men can also try this by putting on clocks around their wrists, especially if they are fond of wearing dark shirts underneath their vests.

How about matching your motorcycle jackets with silver chains?

If you aim for a more feminine look, go for delicate necklaces and bracelets in silver. Just make sure that the jewellery won’t be too busy because you will have disco pants. The trick is to keep it simple yet stylish. Men can also try wearing franco chains, watches, or earrings but avoid putting on huge ornaments unless they are not fond of wearing black clothes underneath their vests. Women who wear T-shirts under biker jackets can now enjoy adding more accessories like brooches, pins, and earrings without worrying about looking too loud. It’s an easy way to match your style with biker jackets, especially if you are tired of matching your heavy metal jacket with silver metallic accessories.

Wrapping Up!

Incorporating your style into matching the right biker jackets with the perfect accessories is an easy way to look stylish and elegant, even if you are wearing something as simple as a plain white shirt underneath your vests. Just remember that it’s not about how expensive or classy your accessories are, but more about keeping everything simply elegant. The most important thing is to have fun while playing with colours and styles to end up with a new sense of fashion.